Delfina Nahrgang

For over three decades Delfina Nahrgang has been exhibiting her lyrically expressionistic paintings in New York and Europe. Employing a palette of vivid light colors and rich darks, Ms. Nahrgang draws equally upon Abstract Expressionism’s subconscious probings and her own responses to the environment. Her lushly worked surfaces assert the materiality of paint, even as her abstracted compositions restlessly suggest – without ever delimiting – “real-world” events. As her forms mingle and evolve, they seek out the essences behind the seen: the atmosphere of spiritual interiors (both physical and psychical), the rhythms of music and nature, emotional turns of mind, shifting intimations of the epic and exotic.

A recipient of numerous awards, the artist has shown her paintings and sculptures in over two dozen solo and group exhibitions in New York City, North Carolina, Italy, and Macedonia. Her paintings have also appeared in many juried and invitational exhibitions including several at the National Academy of Design.

The artist lives and works in New York City and Pietrasanta, Italy.